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Frequently Asked Questions

I got my tracking number, how do I track my shipment?

Once you receive your tracking number, you may track its status at the following websites:

Use the tracking links above.

Did not receive a tracking number? Send an email at with the subject line "Order# - Tracking Request"

What to do if my item is on hold?

Possible reasons why your order was placed on hold:

  • Payment has not yet been received/settled
  • Proof of payment has not been sent (PH Customers)
  • There is an error surrounding the order (products, stock, shipping information, etc.)

If you have concerns regarding the status of your order, you may send an email at

What to do if my package was returned to sender?

Possible reasons on why your package was marked Return To Sender (RTS):

  • Receiver/Customer was not available to receive the item at home
  • Receiver/Customer was not able to claim their package from their country's post office in time
  • Address the Customer provided the shop was incomplete / wrong / changed

In these cases, please reach out to me via the Contact Form or directly through my email at support @ creachivityshop . com

You may also view my Store Policies regarding Returns & Refunds.

I wish to edit/change my address!

If your package has not been shipped yet, please inform me any changes in shipping information as soon as possible. Send me an email via the contact page or at
If your package has already been shipped out, unfortunately we'll have to wait for it to be returned to me first and you will have to pay for re-shipment fee.

I wish to add more items to my current order!

You may place another order or send me an email at the contact page or at so I can include new orders / combine new orders together

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